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"In Sid we trust."

        J.C., long term client



"You don't need a team to back you. You are an army of one."

        S.S., long term client



"I wouldn't think twice about putting my life in your hands."

        K.C., First degree murder charge withdrawn



"I am more than pleased with the way everything was handled."

        C.M., Domestic related charges withdrawn



"Please accept my heartfelt thanks for your professionalism, keen insight, and gracious and personable demeanor. I am so glad you were the one to guide [my husband] and I through what was certainly one of the most trying times of our lives."

        A.D., assault related charges against a lawyer withdrawn



"In a most unusual bail hearing conducted last week, you stood up for me in Court with respect to a very surprising remark from [the bench]. Your assistance was greatly appreciated and a credit to the profession."

        Steve Coroza (formerly counsel, now Mr. Justice Coroza)



"I can't begin to thank you enough for being with me through this ordeal...Thank you for coming to my rescue"

        J.H., gun and conspiracy charges withdrawn



"Words cannot explain what you have done for me and my family as well. I am really grateful for having you in my life".

        T.B. conspiracy to commit murder charges withdrawn



"You are a pitbull with no muzzle in the courtroom. You fight like you are the one in the prisoner's box."

        K.C., acquitted of First Degree Murder and Attempted Murder



"You are best defence attorney in Canada. Thanks for gracing me with your  representation throughout the years. You are a credit to your profession."

        D.B., long term client



"You have been an anchor in my life when moments seemed darkest. The appreciation and respect I have for you is limitless"

        W.M.H., long term client



"You fought so hard for my freedom...You saved me when my back was against the wall".

        G.J., acquitted of charges of kidnapping, forcible confinement, discharge firearm, and other firearms related offences



"You are a radical woman who don't fear to help people."

        E.D., son's charges of Possess cocaine for the purpose of traffickiong withdrawn



"I can't say enough how thankful I am for you being there for my family and I in my time of most need...I was so lucky to have found such a talented and professional lawyer...You are one of a kind".

        S.Y., robbery charges withdrawn



"I want to thank you for your stellar performance in conducting [my son's] defence. I have no doubt that your knowledge and skills made a big difference to the outcome...Needless to say, all the [family] feel a great sense of relief".

        T.B., son's assault and sexual assault charges withdrawn



"I know you are my lawyer but you helped me a lot with my second life. I believe in you with all my heart."

        J.M., two counts of first degree murder withdrawn



"You are an extremely gifted lawyer and a great person and I feel fortunate to have been able to work with you."

        C.G., Crown counsel



"We really appreciate the expertise, humanity, and positive attitude that you brought to [our son's] case.

        T.B. and S.B, son's sexual assault charges withdrawn



"Using another lawyer would be like downgrading."

        K.C., Attempted Murder and multiple firearms charges withdrawn



"Sid has the balls of an elephant."

        Steven Fishbayn, Senior Criminal Litigation Counsel



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