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D. Sid Freeman


Sid is not an ordinary criminal litigator. With four university degrees, a diploma in computer programming, and two years of interning in the Psychology Department of a federal penitentiary, Sid's background gives her a wealth of relevant experience other litigators lack (see details of Sid's background by clicking here). Sid's extensive training in the sciences and the focus in her studies on human anatomy, physiology, chemistry, and forensic psychology enables her to easily decipher complex forensic evidence to the benefit of her clients. This ability has been the key to winning many cases.


Sid graduated from Osgoode Hall Law school in 1993. She was called to the bar in Ontario in 1994 after successfully completing her articles with the Appeal Division of the Ontario Ministry of the Attorney General. She was called to the bar in Nova Scotia in 1996. Sid entered law school intending to practicing criminal law and has done so exclusively since becoming a lawyer.


Sid has represented a wide range of clients on criminal and quasi-criminal matters and has appeared in all levels of court in Ontario, including the Court of Appeal. She has also appeared before a variety of regulatory bodies and tribunals including the Parole Board of Canada and the Ontario Review Board.  She has defended clients against every type of offence in the Criminal Code of Canada with a consistently exceptional success rate. Known for her devastating cross-examinations and persuasive arguments, Sid wins unwinnable cases. Appeal courts have excerpted portions of her cross-examinations in upholding the results she has achieved at the trial court level. Sid has been counsel on many high profile cases, some receiving national and others, international, media attention.


Sid has lectured at the Law Society of Upper Canada and for the Criminal Lawyers' Association. She has been a guest speaker for LAWS (Law in Action in Schools) on a number of occasions as well a mock trial coach for LAWS and OJEN (Ontario Justice Education Network). She has served on a number of Boards including PASAN (Prisoners with HIV/AIDS Support Action Network), the West Toronto Community Legal Clinic, and the Arts and Letters Club. She was elected by her peers to the position of Director for the Criminal Lawyers' Association where she sits on a number of committees. Sid is also the criminal litigation representative at the Toronto Superior Court.


When not in the Courtroom or preparing for cases, Sid trains on the ground in the martial art of Muay Thai and on horseback in the martial art of Dressage.



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