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The consequences of being charged with a criminal offence are far reaching. The ramifications of a conviction are life altering. Choosing the right lawyer to shepherd you through the criminal trial process will be one of the most important decisions you will ever make.  FCL has established itself as a leader in the field with intelligent and innovative litigation that has produced incomparable results. Here is why we are the right choice:


EXPERTISE: FCL has been conducting successful trials for over twenty years. We have appeared before all levels of Court in Ontario and before the Supreme Court in Nova Scotia.  We are skilled at providing safe passage for clients through the crucible of high profile trials.


SUCCESS: We win. We win tough cases. We win complex cases. We win high profile cases. We have a outstanding record of success that has been consistent for decades.   


INGENUITY: At FCL, we don't limit our challenge of the prosecution's case to what is provided in disclosure. Ms. Freeman's extensive background in areas that complement the practice of  litigation give her the tools to litigate outside the box.


ACUMEN: Ms. Freeman has worked for both the Provincial and Federal Crowns Offices. She understands how prosecutors think. While working for the Federal Crown, her office was located within a police building housing joint task forces comprised of  R.C.M.P., O.P.P, Toronto Police, Peel Police, York Police, Durham Police, and  a variety of other police services. She also worked directly with a number of international policing services including the F.B.I. She understands how police think.  The key to a successful defence is being able to anticipate the moves the other side will make. Ms Freeman's experience give her a unique edge.


DAUNTLESS REPRESENTATION:  FCL fights to win, regardless of the odds. And, more often than not, we beat those odds. 


CLIENT CARE: At FCL, our philosophy is simple, we treat you the way we would want to be treated if we were in your shoes. If you are detained in custody, we will assist you to maintain relationships with your loved ones while waiting for your trial. If you are out of custody, we will call you the day before every appearance to remind you of the details and update you on the status of your case. In some cases, we will even attend your Court appearances for you to help you get on with your life while we deal with your case. We ensure you are well informed not only about the status of your case, but also about the evidence for and against you. We understand this is your case, your life, and your decision about how the case proceeds. At each point when a decision must be made about the case, every option available to you will be presented, the pros and cons of each choice reviewed, and a recomendation made with an explanation of why that endorsement has been chosen. Then you decide how we proceed after being provided with all the support, assistance, and time  you need to make the decision. 



HONESTY: We will not placate you with false promises to keep your business and exhaust your retainer. At FCL, we will give you an honest appraisal of your case. If you're in trouble, we will tell you, we will look for all the ways through, over, above, around, and under it, and we will explain all of your options with a full, frank, and fair assessment of each. 



INDIVIDUAL ATTENTION: FCL is not a factory firm of many lawyers where the client is just a file number. When you retain FCL, the lawyer you entrust with your future is the lawyer who will stay with you through the entire case. We do not do the big firm bait and switch of drawing you in using the lawyer of your choice and then sending a junior Associate to do your case.



COMMITMENT: At FCL, criminal litigation isn't just a job. It isn't even just a profession. It's a calling. We are fiercely committed to the principle that all persons are presumed innocent and deserving of a vigourous, robust defence that fearlessly raises every issue, advances every argument, and asks every question, however distasteful, that will help the client's case.


Have us start fighting for you today. Contact us at 416.599.7200.

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